ALFIE PACKERS, INC. was established over twenty years ago as one of the first manufacturers to offer Kjeldahl chemicals in tablet and pack form. Since our humble beginnings in our founder's garage, we are now one of the largest manufacturers of Kjeldahl chemicals in North America. Despite our growth, we continue to offer chemicals blended to our client's specifications.

The idea of selling and servicing precision weighing equipment began when our clients told us of their frustration with their broken and inaccurate balances. We saw that a broken balance meant lost time and money for them. So we began specializing in selling laboratory balances and small manufacturing bench scales.

Above and beyond just selling laboratory balances and scales, we now have over a decade of practice in providing our clients with on-site service. Precision equipment needs to be maintained to catch little problems before they become the big ones that create losses of time and money. That's why we offer regularly scheduled cleaning and calibration.  

Should you have a question or an idea of how we can further solve a chemical or laboratory balance need, please contact us. We'll do our best. We always do.

The Employees of ALFIE PACKERS, INC.